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    All major surgery of the urinary tract in children more than 6 Kg by keyhole technique (Laparoscopy 7 Robotic) available in our unit

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Urology Surgery

Pediatric urology is a well estabilished specialty. We are regularly performing endourological procedures like ablation of posterior urethral valves, endoscopic treatment of vesicoureteric reflux, endoscopic treatment of ureterocoeles, treatment for obstructive uropathy and laparoscopic surgery for impalpable testis and kidney disorders, exstrophy epispadias comlex, neuropathic bladder and urinary tract infections. The division has performed over 1000 endoscopic and open procedures without any morbidity in the last five years. There is free and easy access to urodynamics, lithotripter, endoscopic theatre supported by well trained staff. The team has been working for last 10 years together steadily improving service and curtailing costs of corporate quality healthcare of the new born with surgical condition. We have cumulative experience of over 5000 complex surgeries of newborns with success in greater than 95% cases.